Dmitri Aske, a multidisciplinary Russian artist, has had a large solo show in Moscow RuArts Gallery. The exhibition entitled Through The Mist, which lasted from November, 2 till December, 2, included 24 plywood relieves made in the artist’s unique technique and 4 middle-sized plywood sculptures. Dmitri had worked on the series for nine months. According to the artist, the title of the show describes the life of modern people who try to find their own way wandering through the informational mist. The characters of all the artworks exist in the state of uncertainty, doubts, second thoughts, anxiety concerning past and future, which lies behind the white noise of our digital age. Dmitri Aske Through The Mist Solo Show in Moscow Russia

‘‘We are sinking in the stream of social networks, video blogs, news channels, music, TV series, and advertising. Being constantly surrounded by the mist of this mosaic culture we can’t build our own world view. Excessive information, which steals our attention, prevents us from thinking and concentrating on our own inner cosmos, obscuring our goals and the way that we follow on our journey from birth to death.’’ Dmitri

Several works have been made in the form of diptychs where one piece is a figurative picture while the other is an abstraction made from the same set of plywood details. By turning images of people an objects into abstract compositions Aske demonstrates the split-up clip-like way the modern people perceive the world. And tough they can put it together, it still might turn out unfinished. In this series, the Russian artist keeps combining bright colorful images with quite somber messages. However, by trying to attract the viewer’s attention, Dmitri does’t make his artworks just a kind of eye candy. Aske says that all the works are open to any viewers’ interpretations, which sometimes turn out to be more interesting than that of the artist.


About the Artist

Dmitri Aske is a versatile Moscow artist and one of the main figures behind the Russian urban contemporary art movement. He started his career in 2000 from writing graffiti, later moving to graphic design and illustration. In mid-2000s, Dmitri had collaborated with Nike, Reebok, PlayStation, and the like making different art objects and graphics. He also used to be an Edior-in-Chief of one of the first Russian graffiti magazines and a co-founder of a street wear brand. Since 2015, Aske has dedicated himself full-time to art, creating plywood tile relieves, sculptures, and painting murals. In 2016, according to the InArt research, he was named 4th by the sum of auction sales among the young Russian artists. Apart from working in the studio, Dmitri runs an online magazine, as well as gives lectures on graffiti and street art.

The Show

Pictures courtesy of the artist.
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