You may ask yourself, what do Nike Air Max 90’s, Anciant Greek sculpture and Soviet monumental art have in common. Usually not much. But when you include Russian artist Dmitri Aske into the plot, you have a sculpture commissioned Nike celebrating their Air Max 90 shoe and a display of some of Aske’s older artwork around his collaborations with Nike over the years.

At the Sneakerhead store located in downtown Moscow, Aske’s work takes the Montana BLACK colors BLK 6330 Patina, BLK 4160 Wizard, BLK 7120 Lenox, BLK 6905 Face, BLK 1045, Melon yellow, BLK 5077 Royal blue, BLK 3020 Fire rose, BLK 7030 Mouse, WHITEOUT and Black in an interesting new direction. With an element not often seen in usual sneaker stores, the sculpture ties in the ideas and progressions of the artists works, and strengthens the connection to sneakers and street, urban and graffiti culture. Whether your a shoe fan, an art fan or a graffiti writer. You’ll love what he has created here.

Goddess Of Victory by Dmitri Aske

“Goddess of Victory”

For fans of Aske’s work, this is a small departure from his classic stable geometry. However it compliments the flexible form of the Air Max 90 shoe, like a hand in a glove. The sculpture that reflects the Air Max 90 shoe. One that is normally a product of movement and dynamics. A clever merge of art, color and design, it is obvious why a brand like Nike chooses to work with an artist like Aske.

All images by ASKE