Talented Russian artist Dmitri Aske aka Sicksystems created four new plywood artworks for a group show called East Street / West Street which opened on February 27 in Lollipop Gallery, London, UK. A series called ‘The Consequences’, including three multilayer plywood pieces painted in vivid colors typical for the artist, depicts difficult situations people often find themselves in when having relationships. One more work ‘The Lady With A Hawk’, a huge 150x230cm two-layer plywood piece painted in soft grayish colors, is an hommage to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting.

dmitri_aske_concequences_01 dmitri_aske_concequences_02 dmitri_aske_concequences_03 dmitri_aske_concequences_04 dmitri_aske_concequences_05

The show that will last till March 22 also features works by Dmitri’s fellow Russian artists Vova Nootk and Misha Most, as well as posters by Shepard Fairey and abstract works by the American duo The Mirf.

dmitri_aske_concequences_06 dmitri_aske_concequences_07 dmitri_aske_lady_with_a_hawk_08 dmitri_aske_lady_with_a_hawk_09 dmitri_aske_process_10 dmitri_aske_process_11 dmitri_aske_process_12 dmitri_aske_process_14 dmitri_aske_process_15 dmitri_aske_process_16 dmitri_aske_process_17 dmitri_aske_process_18 dmitri_aske_process_19

Photos are courtesy of Dmitri Aske (www.sicksystems.ru).