Dmitri Aske’s ‘The Riders’ in Moscow

After 11 days of intense painting Dmitri Aske has finished a 11x34m mural under a bridge right next to a bike pump track in Moscow, Russia. This huge, 374sqm, wall is the biggest street work made by the Russian artist so far. The mural’s name ‘The Riders’ refers to the bike riders who come to the track every day to train or just to have fun. The painting was made as a part of the Moscow Artmossphere Street Art Biennale.

Pump track is a small looping trail system of dirt berms and rollers designed for bicycling without pedalling. Their origins are BMX trails of the 1970s and 1980s, and the new era or popularity came to pump tracks in the 2000s.

All photos are courtesy of Igor 1337x.