There are times when an artwork can be overcooked and times when the cooking is just right. At POW! WOW! HAWAII 2020, no work was harmed in the process of making the festival due to them being overcooked. An exceptional example of art done right was the group mural between Dragon76, Jose Mertz, SaturnoArt & Woes. Starting with a black background, it is often a topic of conversation for onlookers as to how four artists can come together and create one cohesive piece. With two sides of a healthy-sized building up for grabs, the space was there and it was just a question of how they were going to fill it?
Dragon76, Jose Mertz, SaturnoArt & Woes Mural for POW! WOW! HAWAII

Having a trunkload of Montana GOLD cans is not enough, although it does help a lot! What you really need is some good ideas. Dragon76, Jose Mertz, SaturnoArt & Woes had just that. Everything from figuration to the surreal. Not forgetting anything in between. Each artist’s work was fused together with the next making a two-sided final image that was seamless in its connection and cohesion. Which is no mean feat!
Dragon76, Jose Mertz, SaturnoArt & Woes Mural for POW! WOW! HAWAII
Aaron Woes Martin hailing from Hawaii, Dragon76 hailing from Japan, Jose Mertz from Miami and SaturnoArt from Spain brought with it a whole package of experiences and cultural inspiration combining many visual languages in one mural. Nothing less than impressive was the result of cultural interchange that the POW! WOW! festivals are famous for. Take a moment to ponder here

Making of

Final wall by Jose Mertz & SaturnoArt in Kakaako, Oahu

Final wall by Woes & Dragon76 in Kakaako, Oahu

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Images by POW! WOW! / Ian Lundie & Lannycatcheswalls