On Saturday 2nd of March, at the Potsdamer Str. 98 in Berlin, the opening of the DRAW A LINE collection show took place. Silk screen prints by artists Clemens Behr, Cody Hudson, Erosie, Flying Förtress, Husk mit Navn, Kanta Kimura, SatOne and Swanski were featured as well as personal artworks by Berlin artist, Osif Seiksuh. Osif presented an impressive heavy lithography stone was placed in the middle of the room which he worked on to make his new unreleased DRAW A LINE print edition. Other unreleased editions present were by Cleon Peterson, Mark Jenkins and Markus Mai. More after the jump…

1403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2765draw-a-line_collection-show_berlin-4_1024x1024 by Osif Seiksuh

ARTIST FEATURE: OSIF SEIKSUH Berlin-based artist Osif Seiksuh joins the exhibition with both his DRAW A LINE / Tabor Presse Berlin edition, and also a selection of his other original pieces.

draw-a-line_collection-show_berlin-21_1024x1024Print by Markus Mai
draw-a-line_collection-show_berlin-43_1024x10241403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27341403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2718 1403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2721 1403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27231403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2729  1403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27311403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27241403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27371403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27471403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27511403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27541403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27571403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27641403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2772 1403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2773 A heavy lithography stone that was used for the artworks of Osif Seiksuh. An impressive video of the print making process was also shown during the opening.

1403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27771403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2778  1403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-27811403_DRAWALINE_B_CS-2780

DRAW A LINE is a young art publishing house, established in Berlin in 2013 with the vision to make art accessible to everyone, everywhere. They produce limited edition art prints from international artists who work in the field of urban and contemporary art. Combining the art, the artist and the internet, DRAW A LINE exists online as a platform that sells art and also interviews the artist to tell their story – hand-in-hand. As the direct result of the collaboration process between the artist, the printer and DRAW A LINE, each piece of an edition is an original artwork that is signed and numbered by the artist. Editions are mostly made with the silkscreen printing technique, or otherwise a high-quality digital printing process.

The exhibition runs until April 6th and is open Wednesday – Sunday from 2pm to 7pm.
For More information please visit DRAW A LINE