Curated by Dscreet, the DUBL TRUBL exhibition at Urban Spree gathered 90 street and graffiti artists predominantly from the London scene to work in duos and display artworks made on a collaboration basis. The outcome is a vivid, free-spirited, and grassroots street art show where most artists have displayed a more graffiti-oriented vision, both on the walls painted outside or in the works shown in the gallery. “Back to the roots of street art” in a way, this spirit being also embodied in the DUBL TRUBL dark humored series of videos. For instance, on the big Urban Spree Wall (12 meters long on 7 meters high), Paul Insect sprayed 2 stoned cute characters on the bottom sides while Reka painted the 2 characters on top inspired by double dragon arcade gaming style, featuring local heroes Super Kotti vs. Friedrichshain Megapunk. This very joyous, no pressure, and often dark & gritty humored DUBL TRUBL spirit (as if powered remotely by Lush) infused the whole place during a fantastic week that culminated with a wonderful and massive opening. For the finissage on October 30th, a Dubl Trubl zine is currently in the making which documents the adventure and spirit of the show. See more images after jump.

_MG_0011 _MG_0016 _MG_0017 1UP&DublTrubl Canz Dave the Chimp Drax cans dscreet owl DublTrublBigwallWide_printres Florian Gemma White Paul InsectChristiaan_Nagel1 double_trouble-1-1 double_trouble-6-1 double_trouble-7-1 double_trouble-8-1 double_trouble-9-9 double_trouble-15-1 double_trouble-16-11 double_trouble-18-1 double_trouble-19-1 double_trouble-30-1 double_trouble-37-1 double_trouble-38-1 dubl_trubl_mural1 L1002044

All images by Luke Fairley und Yuto Yamada.