Tuscany tastes the Montana GOLD

If you have ever been to Tuscany in Italy, you probably first were dazzled by the ancient cities, beautiful houses and cypress tree’s lining the country roads in nearly every village. But did you notice any Graffiti? If you didn’t, you were not paying attention as Toscana as the locals call it, is a hive of talent. Often hidden in out of the way spaces that tourists don’t see. Or under the very surface of drove on to get there. Enter the EDF Crew (Electro Domestic Force). With the right to call themselves one of the older Tuscan crews, EDF is both commercially and non-commercially active. In a recent project supported by Montana-Cans and Hard2Buff, they used Montana GOLD to rock a full color burner under a beautiful bridge column, on their home turf. Take a moment to check it out here. EDF Crew Montana GOLD TASTE