When looking at graffiti, optical illusions are often just tricks that detract people from noticing the other weaknesses that may exist in a piece. But with English artist VOYDER, this is definitely not the case. A flash color spectrum, a keen eye for composition and skills to make any illusion look just that, illusively real! In a recent session VOYDER flexed with well thought letters, a neon effect that would make you think the artwork is electric and a nice touch of the none existent photoshop layering. All painted by hand. Skill-check, aesthetics-check, style-check. It doesn’t matter if it is a Montana GOLD or a Montana BLACK. VOYDER makes each can do what he wants it to do, where he wants it and when. Regardless if the viewer is a graffiti confectioner or an untrained eye. The results always please as innovation, style and vibrance unite in one composition right there on the wall. See it all on film here:

A graffiti session with VOYDER

Image by @gweg_gun

For more check the Voyder’s website or IG profile