You might remember the massive mural Eric Mangen & long year Montana-Cans supporter Matt Adnate had been creating together with the help of a fire truck in Greensboro NC this summer. Eric has not been stopping ever since and constantly creating new and amazingly abstracting works. Even as an established and decorated contemporary fine artist, his love for the creation processes and tools of the movement and deep his involvement as a Graffiti writer ever since clearly shine through. Eric Mangen The American Paintings

Besides the amazing quality of his works – it is simply fun to watch Eric create and put our Montana BLACK, Montana ULTRA WIDE and Montana BOLD Markers to work in such an unusual way – exactly what they are meant for. Check him out and enjoy!

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About the artist

Eric Mangen (b.1983 ,Luxembourg) is an artist who lives and works in Luxembourg and has been writing Graffiti since the early 90s.

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