On August 6 and 7 in Moscow the anniversary of Faces&Laces show took place in Gorky Park. Within the show by means of aerosol production artists twins from Serbia (SOBEKCIS) and Russia (PEEKS & PLUSIER) painted the popular Moscow truck and a ten-meter white wall. The Moscow team SECRET WALLS x MOSCOW conducted a series of classic battles. Participants of battles: MAD (MOSCOW), TAME (MINSK), INEY (MOSCOW), SLOOF (ROSTOV-ON-DON), KOGAN (BERLIN), REN GRAUN (SAINT PETERSBURG). Also, graffiti battle on classic Kangol hats has been carried out by Montana Acrylic markers. Participants of fight: MUCH, BODIK, SUBWWAYMOSCOWW and EGOR.

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Photo by Igor1337