“STEEL IS REAL”, a proverb often used by graffiti artists the world over. But not every country has an accessible metro or passenger train system possible to paint graffiti on. Freight trains are that “other” steel that a lot of artists turn to develop their creativity. And with long travel routes and endless connections through states, countries and continents, why not? In the high security world of camera’s, guards, sensors and unscalable fences, the prospect of more time and less stress to paint is an inviting one. For those well practiced in the art of freight train painting, eventually preference to painting freights can occur when the artwork being created becomes more suitable for the windowless giant metal monsters. Watching your name go by 6 months, 12 months or even years later is a novel luxury not often possible in other disciplines of graffiti. Freight Train Graffiti

That other “steel” that is just as real

Watching the name you painted with Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK or Montana WHITE, go by over and over again, can be a beautiful thing. Each time with a little more dust, a little more rust and a little more romance then the last time. To read the full article go to the Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2019 here.

To read the full article, check it out in the Montana Cans 2019 LOOKBOOK here.