From the 9th of June till the 13th of October 2018, the Colab Gallery in Weil am Rhein- Germany, opens it’s doors for it’s latest group exhibition, “Friends of Fine Vandalism”. A play on words and a touch of irony brings the show its name. Fine (as in Fine Art), and Vandalism as in what is normally seen as the lowest form of art (if art at all). The Colab Gallery begs to differ. And the name is suppose to be an invitation for simple conceptual questions, that often have complicated answers. Questions like; Who owns public space? Who organises them? Which art is supported for public spaces? Why are the artworks not chosen for public placement, not chosen? How can you become part of the decision making process of which public art is supported? Through the buying and selling of real estate, many spaces that were once public, then become places of advertising and influence. Reducing the citizens using them to mere consumers. Friends of Fine Vandalism Exhibition Colab Gallery

Arsek & Erase


1Opium (Italy), 2SHY and Eliote (France), Arsek and Erase (Bulgaria), Fafa (Spain), N.O.Madski and Roman Klonek (Germany), Sobekcis (Serbia) & Wais (Russia).

Friends of Fine Vandalism

An exhibition at Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein Germany

The artists chosen for the group show are no strangers to Montana-Cans. Many create their artwork on a staple diet of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK. But it is their closeness to the path of fine art and vandalism that probably makes them the chosen one’s, or spokes people for the show. They themselves walking a fine line between Fine Art and Vandalism to the point where it is no longer relevant. Stay tuned for more…

stay tuned

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