The Ukrainian artist FROST is not only innovative, he is also prolific. Putting in the “LEGZ” work, and representing his crew with the same name, FROST has been emptying many Montana BLACK cans and snapping off photos of his works since we last took a look earlier this year. Keeping his local West Ukrain landscape on lock, FROST has also recently taken his ideas and colors abroad. Giving bella Italia a lick of color and absorbing the sites, sounds and smells while he was at it. With a healthy dose of classic graffiti and a potent touch of the new, FROST keeps captivating with letter styles that make most writers think to themselves, “why haven’t I done that yet”? Simple, yet clever, cultivated yet raw.

Recent works from Kiev and beyond

Don’t take our word for it, spend some time here and get inspired by his work in places you may never see in the flesh.