It’s been a while since we visited the artwork of Parisian ULTRA BOYS representative, FUNC88 . It seems he was thinking the same thing, as we were very excited when a new batch of his recent artworks found their way into our inbox. FUNC88 has been astonishing on lookers with his unique style of European graffiti lettering, intergalactic Parisian color aesthetic and cutting edge exploration, fuelled with the fuzzy edges of stock cap line work. Since his 2017 Montana BLACK Artist Edition can and his feature on our “introducing artists” bog post, FUNC88 has been prolific keeping his fingers on the pulse and the nozzles as he emptied many Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans around the globe.

From Paris with Func

His skills delving deeper as his beautiful blend of horizontal lines are torn apart by free flowing organic spheres. Long, short or decisive arrows then bring it all back to order, offering direction and clarity. A conscious balance of smooth skinny cap lines next to gritty stock cap lines bring it all in and out of focus. It’s like travelling forwards and backwards in graffiti time all at once. See for yourself here.


All images by the artist FUNC88