German artist CZOLK for POW! WOW! HAWAII – Keeping it local, while going global.

Although not able to access warm salty ocean water on a regular basis while at home, the German artist CZOLK was recently invited to the 10th anniversary POW! WOW! HAWAII where clean warm water is at an abundance. While there for the festival, CZOLK created a mural that pays homage to one of Hawaii’s legendary local sea creatures, the He’e octopus. Far from the content he used in the work “Fenster zum hof” for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst festival in his home town of Mannheim, CZOLK did stay with his focus of capturing genuine local elements visually. The He’e octopus is a beloved local member of the Hawaii sea world not only thanks to the majestic grace it possesses as it passes through the local waters in search of a mate. Not only because of the amazing short but fulfilling life the creature has while in existence but also due to its amazing ability to change color to suit its surroundings for self-protection and for the incredible clouds of ink it squirts when threatened. Making it a “bring your own” getaway possibility whenever confronted by its preditors.

All of these aspects and more were included with precision into the mural as CZOLK handled the made in Germany quality Montana GOLD cans like the local He’s octopus handles its home waters. Including not only elements of the sea CZOLK also managed to include numerous aspects of the local environment, flora, and the human inhabitants making for a well-rounded mural on many levels. Take a look here at his impressive work.


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Images by MONTANA-CANS / Jok Sauer & POW! WOW! / Ian Lundie & Lannycatcheswall