What is GHMS all about anyway? GHMS stands for Goch History Meets Streetart. At first, we might ask ourselves what Goch is as the term Street art is common to most of us. But, the GHMS event is more than what we normally understand as street art. Goch is a small German city located in Niederrhein, near the border between Germany and the Netherlands. 2021, the second year running for GHMS shows that persistence beats resistance. What was considered as a successful test phase in 2020, directly at the beginning of the chaos and confusion that we now know as the corona pandemic, has bloomed into what is now the biggest street art festival in this region of Germany. The goal of GHMS was to connect the local history of Goch with the contemporary mindset and beauty of street art. And with an open mind and a lot of support, that is exactly what happened.

History meeting street art on the streets of Goch

The GHMS Aftermovie catches the essence of the 2021 event as well as many of the big and small names that came from all around to participate. Over 140 artists to be exact (see list below), not including the participation of residents, visitors, and organizers. Styles of all orientations from paste-ups, murals, pieces, classic graffiti style writing, went all the way through to stencils and historically orientated artwork.

Persistence beats resistance

What about Goch’s history? The city of Goch was for the most part destroyed in world war 2 by Allied bombers making it a unique mix of old and new. Part of that history was the Jewish Valk family which was taken on as a creative focal point in remembrance of their role in the Goch recent past. Although the event has come and gone, and we have already started to look forward to next year, the GHMS Aftermovie is exactly what can keep us in the mood till then. See for yourself here.

140 participating artists 

3.amomo,  Adult remix,  AergaTattoo,  Aksid, Axit_kte,  Aldam,  foxs_lair76,  slifoduif 7, cesa7,  damone_wrl_pmz,  mr.pilzone,  frankdrebin_spezialeinheit,   Amino Graffiti,  amip_die_gluecksamoebe,  André Trafic,  Ardikidney,  area80 team ParleOne, Artnecks team ParleOne, Autark Banam & Leni Bananensprayer, Benfica, Benjamin van Nahmen, Bibo Stickas, Bilmo, Biot181,Trbats Crew,  Blind.Don.Calligraphy, Blosone, bomb it stickers, Bona_Berlin,  BUSTA x 170er, Canvaz, Cany Brain paint circle,  Carla_mata_hari, chasloveletters, Cinderella Bones, Citykittystreet, Cletic_ginko42er, Cmyk_Dots, Cnes, Cokeone37, Cokyone, Cuts and Pieces, Cyos_one,  da_wrong_hole, Denis Klatt, emesone, fasermacka, Foxy_lairs76, Frank Brenner aka. Bädboy, Fuxundschalter, gomez_one_81, Gosp_ds, Greentaxonomy, Growlord1, Guat84, Heimweh Art, HEIMWEH Crew, Hera_Herakut, Herr Eifel, Hoker_one, Hombre, Hoodwatch, ichbinArtig, jada_streetart, Janosch Müller, Jason_One_, Jive one, Kalá kalaa_baar, Kalle Karl_heinz_swaggert, Kallegrafie, Kiezmiez030, killer2go, Lacuna.Streetart, lakoona_art,  Lemon_Rope, Leo-urban pop, Liam_dc, Liquidxreus, littlelill.y, lofimoth, Lord Dortmund, LoveIs TheAnswer, Marcel Weischede Team ParleOne, markant, Marshal Arts, Mega Toy, Mein lieber Prost, Metraeda, miami_weis, Miss Glueniverse, Mister Oreo, Misterwoodland, Moruk FDM, Mosakko Trbats Crew, mr.More, Mutabel, NAC_SMRT, Nana, Nasty Frenzi, nat_at_art, Opus, OXY, Papelapab, ParleOne, Pierre ow, Piranha Duisburg, Planetselfie, Poster189, Pout Spencer, R.F.ART, Radik.42, ralneuntausend, RemoeOne, repkrepzone, Rogge Brain paint Circle,  rummel_ronny Smrt CREW, RUN, Sebastian Kero Riede, SEITAN, Semorthemadone, senor_schnu, Seze_Siecrew,  Shallac Design, Slinat so schön wie immer, So4Melone, SPÄM, spear_paintings, Stickermaid Berlin, Stickerzworldwide, Storno Kasse 3, Sweetsnini, T.i.e.r Trbats Crew, thepostman_Art, tribes_art, Tubuku, Tweet, Un.art, vanityscareart, vctrplnt, whatifier, Wonka27 Trbats Crew, Zier_87, and Zombieartsquad

Images by Janosch & Michael Zoephel