Chrome effect colorwork with Laia 

Gone are the days when you couldn’t find any more stores to rack Goldchrome colored cans so you had to turn to Copperchrome to fill in the rest of your estimated surface area. These days cans are cheap, and the Montana BLACK and GOLD chrome effect colors have the superior coverage to get the job done right and fast! For those of us that grew up in a time before fancy spray can brands and unlimited color ranges, the decision to do a Goldchrome to Copperchrome fade was one of necessity and not desire. Seeing the often clumsy blotches where the gold and copper neared each other, this colorway brings back memories of a time long ago. That feeling of “it will have to do” is one most contemporary graffiti artists will luckily never experience.

“…brings back memories of a time long ago.”

“…brings back memories of a time long ago.”

In a recent film featuring the Spanish graffiti artist Laia; “Go big or go home”, Laia re-visits the aesthetics of the gold and copper fade in epic proportions. Located in what appears to be a newly abandoned space or an unfinished warehouse, her efforts come to life as the rapidly covering Goldchrome and Copperchrome colors blast away the boring gray of the raw concrete surface. The two-color fade however this time by choice, with nothing to be embarrassed about. With a small touch of color and contrast, black outlines and waving background all come together like icing on a cake. The modern-day mix of the colors Goldchrome and Copperchrome have a very different appearance when done in this context.

The essence and spirit of graffiti live on and move on. With a small turn of the wheel what was old can become new again. Through different eyes and by different hands. Take a moment to see for yourself here how Laia went big, rather than going home!

“…all come together like icing on a cake.”

All images by the artist LAIA