A Reflection of GOLDEN GREEN’s Graffiti Roots – README!

Walking through Mannheim’s streets, especially on Mittelstraße 44, you are bound to pause and admire the striking mural named “README!” by the distinguished artist GOLDEN GREEN, or Moritz Green. This vibrant piece was introduced as part of the Stadt.Wand.Kunst initiative during the first OPEN URBAN ART EXCHANGE which took place from the 6th to 8th of October. The event witnessed a blend of artists, festival attendees, and organizers from countries like Holland, Finland, Jordan, Serbia, and Germany.

README! by GOLDEN GREEN, Mittelstr. 44, 68169 Mannheim, Germany

Hamburg’s own GOLDEN GREEN was thrilled to create art on this unique façade. The challenge of painting on a bordered surface, especially one wrapping around the corner of a building, ignited his passion. This enthusiasm is deeply rooted in his background as a graphic artist, and more importantly, his influential years in the graffiti scene. His pieces often present graphics, shapes, and various shades of pink.

The mural, “README!”, embodies GOLDEN GREEN’s deep connection to the graffiti world. The artwork showcases letters reminiscent of tagging but transformed into abstract forms. With hues of pink, orange, and turquoise set against black areas that resemble a stamp’s negative form, the mural hints at letters. According to GOLDEN GREEN, these letters subtly allude to the library located on the building’s first floor, underscoring the notion that, like books, graffiti seeks recognition and interpretation.

After five days of meticulous work using spray cans and paint, GOLDEN GREEN completed “README!”, concluding this year’s mural season under clear skies. Mannheim saw several new murals in 2023, including pieces by JENS RICHTER, PERKUP, and HERA. These artworks offer residents a daily dose of free art, promising to brighten the forthcoming winter months.


GOLDEN GREEN’s Galactic Contribution back in 2014

In 2014, GOLDEN GREEN stood out as the chosen artist for the first Montana’s BLACK artist can edition, reflecting his renowned graffiti aesthetics. He opted for the BLK 4060 “Galaxy”, a deep purple, highlighting his fondness for the color and the imaginative scope “galaxy” offers. The design, infused with futuristic elements reminiscent of “The Jetsons”, marked a harmonious blend of Golden Green’s color choice and artistry, setting an exemplary tone for Montana’s BLACK artist editions! #GermanSpraypaint

Photography by Alexander Krziwanie