Sneakers and graffiti go hand in hand for a lot of people. A writer knows the constant hustle to improve their styles, innovate and be fresh. Just as a sneaker freak digs and hustles for the newest, oldest or most unique sneakers. Put them all in a real life blender and pour it out in Vasim, Neijmegen (NL). The result a perfect merge between a graffiti jam with lots of innovative, local Dutch graffiti talent. And the DEAD STOCK SNEAKER MARKET (organized by in combination with ), selling all the freshest sneaks from new, antique and dead stocks.


Color for the sneaker freaks


The Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans didn’t skip a beat as the visitors entering the market tried to stay warm while watching the artwork unfold. Nijmegen got a new coat of paint and the punters possibility got a new pair of kicks. Take a look at the final works here.