Frankfurt, Germany – The newest addition to the Frankfurt graffiti and art community has arrived with the opening of the Montana Store Frankfurt. Located at Berliner Str. 37, the store offers a unique shopping experience for artists and enthusiasts, carrying the full range of Montana Cans products, including the popular Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK, TECH, and EFFECT sprays, as well as markers and inks. The store is operated, with a team of knowledgeable and passionate staff who can provide advice and guidance on the use of Montana Cans products. In addition, the store will constantly showcase local artists’ work through exhibitions and events, creating a platform for the Frankfurt Graffiti community.

“We’re proud to elaborate the Montana Store experience in Frankfurt,” said shop owner Fabian Pohl, who runs also the Montana Store Vienna since 2018. “We believe that the store will be a hub for the graffiti and art community in the Rhein Main Region, offering the best possible stock, products and services.”

The Montana Store Frankfurt is a creative hub where artists can connect and collaborate. With the full range of Montana Cans products and selected local merchandise available, the store provides all tools Graffiti writers and artists need. For more information on the Montana Store Frankfurt, visit the store at Berliner Str. 37 or check out the Store’s IG.

Grand Opening of Montana Store Frankfurt

Montana Store Frankfurt, Berliner Str. 37, 60311 Frankfurt am

Contact: TEL: 069 95015390 Email: info {at)