Artist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs have been following a dream for over seven years. That dream is to create a “Greetings from” mural in every state of the United States of America. The “Greetings Tour” started in Chinatown New York in 2014 and has since left behind 55 murals in 25 of the American states. All in the theme of the iconic “Greetings from” postcards that were once a standard on every tourist’s shopping list when traveling throughout the country.

Victor and Lisa take it home to California

Seven years on and many empty Montana GOLD and BLACK cans later, Victor and Lisa are taking their unique style of urban art and mural making back home to Altadena California where they are located when not on tour in their RV. In order to cover costs and make their hometown mural an amazing one, they have started a Kickstarter campaign here to make it happen. What is even more exciting about this “Greetings from” mural is that you the audience can vote on which images are incorporated in the “Greetings from Altadena” mural at the above-mentioned link.

Taking it home to Altadena

More to come, so watch this space

What makes this duo unique is not just the outstanding quality of their artwork together, guided by Ving’s artistic skills and attention to detail, but also Beggs’s amazing photographic documentation of the project and the process which is archiving this great adventure for future generations to come. You can see more of her work at 

With almost half of the country ticked off the list and many more exciting murals to go, we look forward to plotting the path with Victor and Lisa as they make their dream come true. And if you happen to be a willing owner of a prominent wall in any of the remaining states for Vitor and Lisa to continue their journey on, get in touch with them here to see if you can become part of the “Greetings Tour”.

All images by Lisa Beggs