The team of Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving are probably more recognizable to our audience as the “Greetings Tour” people. And the latest stop for Lisa and Victor was Louisville, right across the road from Churchill Downs. This famous little town known as being the home of the Kentucky Derby may conjure up images of wealth and prosper. However the surrounding communities do not seem to get the funding and support that the Derby may bring with it. Thanks to locals John and Mary Kay Dixon, the call for color to the local landscape was about to be heard. As owners of a building that has great exposure to the local community, they reached out to Lisa and Victor in the hope they may be able to add a little “Greetings” positivity to the site. And thats exactly what they did.

The “Greetings Tour” visits the home of the Kentucky Derby


John being the problem solver that he is, was not going to let uneven ground undrivable with scissor lift stop the start of the mural on the first day. So he built some wooden ramps to keep it level so the team could get on with the show. The green light had been given, and the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans got shaken in readiness for action. With out of season humidity and heat, Victor was soon joined by the OFTEN SEEN RARELY SPOKEN team, who helped him bring the mural to fruition. Take a look at how the mural took shake and see below for the inspiration of the images behind each letter.

Making Of



All images by Lisa Beggs

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