Victor and Lisa from the Greetings Tour project know what it means to have patience when it comes to bringing murals to fruition. Unlike the classic graffiti scene where a writer finds a spot, checks it out, and decides when the right time is to paint it, the legal mural game and the collaboration with communities for long-term projects is a whole other beast.

All good things come to those who wait

In a recent Greetings mural in Oshkosh Wisconsin, Lisa and Victor proved that all good things come to those who wait. In an idea that spawned at a going away party in New York in 2015, the Greetings Oshkosh mural came to reality in 2023 after delays by a pandemic, some bureaucracy, and the pleasant addition of parenthood. In conjunction with their close friends Pete Donin and Shelly Zander of Easy Street Tattoo, whatever hurdles were presented were again jumped thanks to a supportive community, some teamwork, and of course the skills of the Greeting team.

Give it some time…

To orientate how the Oshkosh mural was created, the letter guide for the mural is:

O —  Lake Winnebago / The Waters & Kayaker

S —  Lake Winnebago / Fishing

H —  Lake Winnebago / Sailboat

K —  Lumber Industry & Oshkosh B’Gosh *Hidden Lake Fly

O —  Historic Breweries / Peoples Beer & Oshkosh Brewing Co.

S —  Local Menominee artist collaboration (Cainen Shooter)  

H —  Public Library Lions (Harris)

Background – Fox River aerial view & EAA planes in the sky

Skills, teamwork, and community support

Everything worth doing is worth doing well. And there is always room to achieve a first, like, in this case, the Oshkosh mural being the first Greetings mural in Wisconsin. Something that Lisa and Victor have proven to be the formula of success for the Greeting tour. We look forward to seeing where the next destination is.

Images by Lisa Beggs