The names Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving are relatively well know to any keen street art enthusiast. Otherwise known as the “Greetings Tour” artists, they have travelled America and abroad in the pursuit of giving back to each community they visit. And they do this by creating beautiful “Greetings From” mural’s, in a traditional post card style. With 36 of them completed, the lucky 37th was Springfield, Ohio. (No, not the Springfield next to Shelbyville).

Improving life in Clark County

With a small change in the otherwise clockwork organization of each mural, this time Beggs and Ving didn’t roll in their famous Greetings Tour RV. The result was hotel rooms and time constraints in order to make the booked flights that would take them back home when it was all said and done. With the help of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans, a fancy new spray gun and a little human help from artist group “Often Seen Rarely Spoken”, the deadlines were met.

The initiators of the mural, “The Springfield Foundation” were more than happy with the result. Under the mission statement of “Raising and distributing permanent funds to improve the quality of life for residents of Clark County”, the mural was a bright step in the right direction for local residents. Capturing many elements of the real Springfield Ohio, the letter guide for the mural looked like this.

Letter Guide
S — Symphony in the Park, P — Symphony in the Park, R — Farmers Market , I — Farmers Market , N — Canoe in Buck Creek State Park, G — Canoe in Buck Creek State Park, F — Canoe in Buck Creek State Park, I — Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House, E — Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House, L — Hartman Rock Garden, D — Hartman Rock Garden
Background — Heritage Center, Roses, Crow

All images by Lisa Beggs

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