The best projects grow like a sprouting seed. Some spark of an idea that was just there all the sudden, which can then either be discarded or developed consciously or subconsciously into a real live project. It is this genuine evolvement that give these projects their authenticity. One of our most recently established collaborations is our partnership with the Greetings Tour. The artist duo Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs are on a special road trip in an RV, traveling to cities throughout the United Stated for almost two years now! In these cities, they create interactive murals, and essentially, future landmarks. The design is based on the classic Large Letter postcards from the 30’s-50’s which depicted the name of a city with images of landmarks from that specific city in each of the letters. The artists’ very different backgrounds and passion for their joint endeavor are what make this project so unique. For Ving, the emphasis lies on them creating art for the public, the mural artwork being something local residents will want to identify with and appreciate in the end. Focusing not only of popular, well-known landmarks, but also incorporating undiscovered treasures and historical elements into their aerosol art designs.

Creating a Whole City in a Postcard

Combining Beggs’ photography and the help and tips from locals has led to exclusive insights that are featured in the letters in the mural, which then is given back to the community in turn, especially the offline community, but also social media and blog posts are keeping fans from all over the globe up to date as well. The duo is also interested in collaborating with local artists and businesses, enriching the designs even more, and giving each city its very own flare. In the end, the entire project will be gathered into an extensive publication in form of a series of linen postcards. We love their idea and are thrilled to support them on their artistic journey.

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All Images by @Lisa Beggs