It’s 2021 and the world’s social and health situation just keeps getting weirder. We are locked down, then we are released, we are fed a little normality, only to have some healthy portions of abnormality poured over the top of that. Thank god for the normality and healing powers of GRAFFITI! Exactly the type of thoughts of many artists from all over Germany who recently came together for the 2021 (9th edition) of Hafendampf in Essen, Germany.

Returning back to a location at the A40 which was used three years ago, Hafendampf 2021 rolled out relatively normally for a modern-day “corona-time” graffiti style writing session. The Hall of Fame Frillendorf at the Franz Fischer Weg location played host to graffiti of all shapes and sizes. From the simplest public styles to the most complicated concept pieces. With characters and symbols in all manner of color thanks to the Montana BLACK and GOLD ranges.

Let the vapors spray again

With the exclusion of maybe one or two visitors who didn’t stay long anyway, there was nothing but love and color on the day as both artists, onlookers, and locals came together in appreciation of the artwork being made, the conversation being had, beers being drunk, and the sausages being eaten. A celebration of creativity and color, similar to that we knew in a time before the introduction of any pandemic. 

As the European Autumn sets in, take a look at these color creations from Hafendampf 2021 which are sure to bring a little warmth to you where ever you are.