Until 2019, the Hafendampf graffiti jam had seen 6 strong years of quality graffiti before it. And some would say, until 2019, the quality would be hard to top. In 2019 in it’s 7th round, there was no change to this impressive formula as HAFENDAMPF 7 raised the bar even further! The German city of Essen that host’s the event, is extremely well equipped when it comes to concrete, walls and places to paint. But on the 27th and 28th of July 2019, there was only one location that counted. And that was HafenStraße.

The German word dampf (or in English “Steam”), was more accurate then ever as the Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans emptied their vibrant content on the pillars of the A42 freeway and walls of the surrounding region. On display was the creation, and in the end the finished artworks of the gifted graffiti writers; Anna T-Iron, The Weird, Birne, Bobby Analog, Choko, Coke, Coconut, CVA Crew, Dater127, Demon, DXTR, Endzeit, Fnack, Felix & Matthias Gebhardt, HACF Crew, HRVB, IFM Crew, Kayo, KJ263, Magic, Mero, Most, Mynt, Morethanwords, Nomad, Qumi, Rait, Random Exp, Rookie, Semor, Tank, Tris, The Top Notch, TKA Crew, Ursula Meyer and Weis.

More steam then ever before

With such a stellar line up with such impressive pieces, the mind boggles to think who will be called on to let off some steam in 2020? Until then, enjoy the colors of the dry vapours from HAFENDAMPF 7 – 2019 and stayed tuned for next year. Also check HAFENDAMPF 6 – 2018


All images by Hafendampf