Imagine it now. The sun on your back, it’s shorts and t-shirt weather, a wall at slightly over head-height in front of you that you don’t need a ladder for, and a bag of Montana BLACK cans shaken and ready to go. This describes the scene for the latest HARD2BUFF #24 film featuring Spanish letter lady, LAIA.

Fun in the Bari sun

The location looks as described in the passage above. As the camera rolls, LAIA makes it look fun and easy as her Montana BLACK colors cover the sunburnt walls as if she was smearing opaque butter on hot toast. Even the dead skin in the form of layers of sunburnt, old, peeling paint is coated and disguised in thick layers of Montana BLACK color. 

Shorts and t-shirt weather

To add some flavor, the wall is located at a station. The comings and goings of white and green Italian trains remind us of the probable smell of train brakes. As the trains come to a halt and let their passengers alight, they are unaware of what is going on slightly below them as LAIA’s piece pops into life. The HARD2BUFF video series features graffiti writers from all over the world captured on film doing what they do best, graffiti. In number 24, we see LAIA dropping some of that Spanish flair that she is renowned for in the southern Italian city of Bari. Enjoy!

Beating the heat, and creating some of her own

Images by Hard2Buff

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