“Put the coffee on, there’s art going on in here”

The team at the HARD2BUFF LAB has just dropped their second film. It is fair to say that this time they have captured the essence of something that they know and love. In HARD2BUFF LAB #2, the graffiti artist GOLA 1 is set the challenging task of re-inventing the iconic Bialetti Coffee maker (also known as the stovetop Moka). This classic of all Italian kitchen homewares is not one that could be taken lightly in Napoli which is one of the most coffee-loving cities on EARTH! 

Starting from scratch, GOLA first sets to work on lightly sanding the Moka, before applying a much-needed coat of Montana PRIMER Aluminium. At this point, it is clear that this Moka will be decommissioned for coffee making and promoted to a new life as a piece of art. The following layer is an instantaneous coat of opaque Montana BLACK in the color black, which gives the Moka a new basis for a whole new look. Once dry, the Montana Acrylic markers are drawn into action, as GOLA 1 weaves his graffiti patterns around the outside of the Moka’s surface. In a flash, it takes on a new identity as what was once a practical coffee-making device, is now a sinister black artwork with dynamic colorful patterns and unique linework extending all over its exterior.

You don’t mess around when it comes to coffee in Napoli

A new life as a piece of art

Another innovative artist approach from the HARD2BUFF LAB. Stay tuned for the next HARD2BUFF creative adventure coming soon.

Images by Hard2Buff

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