For many art lovers, seeing the artist duo Herakut with a Montana Cans, Montana GOLD can in hand at a festival or event is a highlight for their art viewing calendar. The Mandrake Hotel in London shared the excitement of watching these artists create by offering them a commission to create an artwork in their building.
The artwork was organic and free flowing as much of Herakut’s artwork is. In their own words, working with the Mandrake Hotel was a perfect fit and the inspiration overflowed and was built into the image created fort he Hotel. The artwork develops slowly and is complimented with a barrage of drips, both sprayed with Montana GOLD and brush painted. Large areas of color are juxtaposed with a variety of materials applied tot he substrate. High levels of fine details are harmoniously applied by brush or Montana Acrylic markers. The result a haunting and breath taking mural. See it for yourself here. Herakut Mandrake Hotel London

Video by Mandrake Hotel