Herakut has often been featured on the Montana Cans blog not only as their work is outstanding. Not only as they are great people. But also as their message reflects many of those who freequent our social media platforms and share a sense of disorientation. Their new exhibition Sad But Happy at Stolen Space Gallery faces this lack of positive direction head on. In a world where so many things are crap, there should always be room for things that are not. In this case art work. In the words of the artists themselves: Herakut SAD BUT HAPPY


September 1st – 24th, 2017. Opening reception August 31st, 6-9 pm


„A while back, we thought: damage was done but under control. We thought, that with enough effort and enough compassion, we could spread consciousness. We though with the right changes mankind could start curing a suffering planet. Unfortunately, we now know that we were quite mistaken. 2017 has shown us and keeps demonstrating the bottomless pitt of human stupidity. It feels like people are battling each other in a crazy contest, as if there was a price to win for the nation that is going to end life on earth fastest. It is so, so hard to stay sane.Herakut

Fin Art of Herakut

Probably, the only way to stay positive is by taking in the the fact, that there are quite a few minds out there, just as perplexed as we are. So, these days you will find us in a constant state of “SAD BUT HAPPY”, as we can obviously not applaud the makings of our world´s so-called leaders, but at least we can find comfort inside our personal little bubbles. Inside those, we can still paint the walls bright pink, have tea-parties with monkeys and unicorns, and celebrate moments with the ones we love.Herakut

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17 Osborn Street London – E1 6TD – United Kingdom