A Stay-at-Home Mural Festival for our Planet!

By now everyone has been touched in some form by the Coronavirus aka COVID 19. In a recent post, we featured a project by the PANGEASEED team called the SEA WALLS CREATIVE COLORING COMPANION. It’s only been a week or two since then, but the world, its politics and the quality of life for its habitants have changed dramatically.

Frank Mimi for SeaWalls “Final_Napier”
What the PANGEASEED team and many other people have realized is that everything on this planet is connected. The earth, the environment, its creatures, and beings are all part of one greater entity. With such suffering and misery, there is also an amazing chance for change, positivity, and hope. Hope for the post Coronavirus world we will live in and create together once the dust settles. This optimism has led to their latest project, HOME: A Stay-at-Home Mural Festival for Our Plant. HOME is the creation of murals at home by artists and creatives the globe over! No need to travel, no unnecessary consumption to get to a location and the smallest possible carbon footprint with the greatest possible reach. And all this co-insides with the 50th anniversary of the international EARTH DAY celebration.

The HOME website has all the details regarding the guidelines to participate and register for the project. In a challenging time of isolation, HOME Brings people together in creativity to show what is possible with a little effort and a lot of creativity. In light of the positive changes, our earth has already shown us during the lockdown thus far, cleaner air, clear waters and wildlife returning to urban areas they once called home is just the beginning.  Even if you don’t have access to local art stores where ever you are, go and check your can collection, see which artist materials and tools you have lying around and go to the HOME site to register for participation. Be part of the change – Now!

PANGEASEED brings it to your HOME!