Many street art or graffiti events are focused on one city or region as the core of their concept. Until now… The “HOME STREET HOME” festival in Germany, has well and truely broken that mold. Not only was it based in NEUSS, it was also based in KREFELD, GELDERN and MÖNCHENGLADBACH. Making the region of Niederrhein it’s location. Confused? Keep reading.

Four cities – One idea

A multitude of walls were covered in Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK goodness by a massive line up of local and visiting artists. Looking at the notion of the street as home, not only due to the time spent on them, but also as the substrate to public art, the festival brought together artists like Steffen Mumm aka HokerOne from Mönchengladbach, TUBUKU – Jaroslaw Masztalerz and Alex Weigandt from Krefeld as well OLDHAUS – Alessandro Althaus from Neuss, for some of the major collaboration pieces. Other featured names included artists such as Phil Norm, Team Kobra (Neuss/Solingen), Aura, Ruby, Wasted Talents Crew (Düsseldorf), Viktor one, Sadam one, Forrest1330, Pqus, Ljda Crew (Neuss), Lash, Juxa, Shogun, Team Kalos (Neuss), Sakvo (Moskau), Odes (Minsk), Tracy (Minsk) and u.v.m. to name a few.


The event ran from July through to September, leaving behind it a trail of creation and newly forged community. Boundaries are a thing of the past as Home Street Home proved that you can be in more than one place at a time. Take a look at some of the varied artworks here.

All images by Tim Siebmanns