The three letters that travel the world

EGS is to graffiti culture, like what Andy Warhol was to pop art. With a graffiti career that started in the mid 80’s when a lot of graffiti artists were just being born, EGS has visited, hit, studied and experienced the world (and the graffiti world) first hand. A writer, a fine artist and a traveler, when it comes to creativity EGS can do it all.


Born in 1974 in Finnland, one of the most isolated and weather challenging Scandinavian countries, EGS is a self proclaimed graffiti archivist. Even before they called it inter railing, EGS was moving and connecting with in graffiti culture, soaking it up with all the characteristics of every scene, in every context. His constant commitment to exploring both the formal and folkloric truths of graffiti, have led him to be one of the academic artists of his genre. The three letters E, G and S have been adapted to nearly every style and phase of graffiti’s history. Some of them global stylistic developments, of which have evolved thanks to the work of EGS himself.


A true innovator that walks to the beat of his own drum. EGS has emptied more spray cans then most of us have eaten meals. He shows an accurate understanding of the alphabet and its possibilities. Paying homage while still staying true to his explorer spirit. In a natural progression to studio works, EGS’s fine art works are as loaded as that of his elicit works. Cooked with the same ingredients, but the taste is very different. All the way to his ink blot artwork that are executed with a syringe. A product of many lessons learnt in the dark, deserted back alleys of this world where he ever so often left color and his three letters behind.


All photos by EGS


The book 3 LETTERS



The book 3 LETTERS was a documentation of works by Finnish graffiti artist EGS from 1993-2014 and contains pieces on walls, trains combined with sketches and his unique styled ink drawings. The book was available exclusively on spraydaily

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