Still bringing the results 

It seems ironic to introduce a graffiti writer that doesn´t actually need an introduction. Since he was 13, for more than 3 decades Aroe of the Heavy Artillery crew has been proving that you can sleep when your dead. A creative work horse that is loved by many, and hated by just as many thanks to his limitless skillset and relentless approach to making his art.

Whether it’s a multi-story commission, or a cheeky full color wholecar

Starting out like many of his vintage in the energetic 80s, he came up through the ranks in a period of English graffiti that was particularly innovative, and later a massive influence on British, European, and global graffiti alike. A situation that has not changed much for Aroe as he continues to take his graffiti heritage in as many creative directions as he can.  Whether it’s be a cheeky full color wholecar, a multi-story building commission with a one-day deadline, or a full color pseudo legal daytime piece in such a high-profile position that even the most anti-graffiti civilian can only assume is being done with permission.

His artwork reflects his self-discipline and integrity

Aroe is no stranger to any of the graffiti disciplines having prolifically and consistently left his mark in the streets, on steel, walls, commercially, and in the gallery space.  And all this still today on a global level. The result, a portfolio of graffiti and fine art artwork that reflects his self-discipline and integrity. Character traits which set him aside from many at his level.

All images by the artist AROE

“No one rules me”

Upon visiting his website, the viewer is instantly confronted with his no BS attitude.  An opening page that states the quote „No one rules me“, it seems that it is a sentence that is as accurate as his can control.  In a world of scroll over, like, and forget graffiti, Aroe’s mission is to make the graffiti he is doing today, also matter tomorrow. If you haven’t already gotten yourself his book “Results Not Excuses”, then you might want to familiarize yourself a bit more here with the armory of images presented here.