If there was a visual dictionary, when you looked up the word innovative it would probably show the German artist BOND. Or as he is known today, BOND TRULUV. BOND is no stranger to just about every context of graffiti. He has been doing it since the turn of the century so by now he knows what he is talking about. A fascination with light and no fear to incorporate technology in to his artwork means BOND is truly going where few people have visually gone before. INTRODUCING GRAFFITI ARTIST BOND TRULUV

Regardless if the context is hard, easy, or neither, BOND makes art that electrifies the place that it is made. And many places have been left with this very mark. Many Asian countries are under his travel belt which has meant that BOND is no stranger to being the stranger. But looking at his stunning use of color and line, you would not think that he would ever not know how to handle himself visually. Don’t take my word for it, be impressed here:

Images by the artist – Bond Truluv