Carolina Falkholt (born in 1977), is a diverse artist not afraid to look controversy straight in the face. Swedish born, she has been developing her way of making art since the late 90’s. Born of graffiti roots, Falkholt is not restricted by the unwritten laws of the graff game. With a plethora of techniques and disciplines to call on, her work can surface in the form of sound, painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, photography, text, video, live performance or a mash up of any of them together. Often one method of making art blurs into another and is organically morphed into something new and „other“. As the owner of one, she is active (and authorised) in challenging the stereotypes of the female body. Eyes, vaginas or hand gestures that are often seen in historical art through the male gaze, are empowered and feminised through a furious and maticulous making process. As strong and clearly direct act that is as a well informed as a good decision.

Carolina Falkholt- Not scared to do what needs to be done.

A deeply committed artist, her work is represented in private and public collections all through Scandinavia and Europe. Right now she is doing a one year residency at ISCP in New York. She is represented by Gallery Thomassen in Gothenburg, Sweden. But if even if your a classic graffiti artist, her work will tick your concept boxes as her can skills and ideas are second to none. Just refer to her wholecar!

From a distance, Falkholt appears to navigate all of her worlds with ease. Whether the female, male, natural or artistic worlds. Her artworks show a strength and creativity that is sure to challenge and impress. See for yourself here:

Images – Photocredits; Mattias Givell, Patrik Ljungman, Cecilia Hallin, Tilda Kjerrulf, Daniel Grizelj, Emelie Otterbäck, Marcus Gyllborg, elStudio.

Copyright Carolina Falkholt

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