You can almost smell the salt in the work of French Graffiti artist CHARLES FOUSSARD. His life shared between the French port city of Bordeaux and Reunion Island, meant that he was always at arm’s length from the ocean, and only a footstep away from its sand. His poetic work takes his graffiti past well beyond into a creative reality that is uniquely his own. Absent of letters or graffiti writing formality, his work is rich with diverse forms and multitudes of color. No wonder why the Montana GOLD and BLACK can ranges fell comfortably into his color palette, a place where transparent meets opaque on roads less travelled.

Between hallucination and poetry

Whether an abandoned war bunker, half sunk into by the crashing waves of the ocean, nurturing it into the sand, an abandoned building in a secret location being taken back by nature, or the warm comfort of his art studio, Foussard’s work tells stories of imagination and creativity. Forms mutate and oscillate with warmth and invention, as if a hallucination. Figures moonlighting as animals while instruments play unheard poetic songs in color and line. All of which in a journey with no map to follow, similar to the depths of the ocean itself, of which he draws so much inspiration from.

Take a moment here to take the visual journey that is, Charles Foussard’s artwork. Follow the artist on IG or FB