A big graffiti kiss from the streets of Leipzig

In the 90s, the former eastern German regions were not exempt from the spreading of graffiti as it made its way all over Germany and beyond. Although a little later, cities like Leipzig rode the same creative roller coaster as the rest of us, all in their own unique way. Each city with its unique flavor, and its unique take on graffiti and how it would evolve in the region.

Keeping the graffiti style wheel turning

The city of Leipzig has developed itself, not only as a cool creative up-and-coming alternative to Berlin but also as a rich pool of innovation when it comes to the development of graffiti. A flip side of styles that keeps the graffiti style wheel turning. Add a bit of dopamine to the mix and what you get is talented writers like FLUFF, that are in it for the buzz and not afraid to get the audience’s attention in the process.

The best part of her plan is that no one can stop her

Driven by the moment and the awareness of what goes on during it, FLUFF loves to fill the streets, walls, and trains of her neighborhood with her interpretation of graffiti. For her street bombing is about hearing the sounds, feeling the atmosphere, smelling the smells, and then leaving behind a big fat kiss on the streets in the form of her name. Not driven by over-labored end products or examples of technical aptitude from the latest style or trend, FLUFF plays with many genres in graffiti including anti-style, retro, naive, and street bombing. All with a flair that makes it legible for both the initiated and the uninitiated.

The best part of her plan is that no one can stop her. But if you think the word FLUFF will mean soft rounded feminine cliches, you are wrong. FLUFF throws down arrows, straight letters, and stock cap highlights like the best of them. For FLUFF the emphasis is put on the moment, the spot, the thrill, and the buzz that will come from 10 minutes of pleasure. And if it goes over 10 minutes, as long as the excitement follows too. Filling in is fulfilling and the outline is the caramel sauce on the panna cotta. Each little pleasure is a part of the greater picture of living life as a writer and feeling more alive during the process. Whether you’re riding passed it, or it’s riding passed you, you’ll know a FLUFF piece, tag, or throw up when you see it.