If these are some key points you subscribe to as a graffiti viewer, then you are in the right place. Introducing FRESH, from Barcelona- Spain. She has not only made simple style as one of the key elements of her graffiti practice, but she has also picked a name that is both easy to remember, and a motivating factor to her positive approach to creating graffiti. Since 2004 FRESH has been triggering the nozzle end of a can. These days, with her Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans at the ready, she focusses on simple styles with elements of communication that in her words, need to make the space she paints better than it was before she painted it.

It’s time to get FRESH

Her profession as an graphic designer and illustrator is not a hindrance to her progress. Her awareness of communication gives her access to ideas other writers may not take on board. Surrounding herself with older writers like Dems, Func, Bloody, Sozyone, Rosh, Roice, Rime, Skow, Guano and Vagi, she is well cared for and in good company for her conceptual development.

“SPREAD LOVE IS THE WAY”; a factor that FRESH puts ahead of many other normal goals in graffiti writing (like “fame at all costs”). The messages FRESH transports are more to the tune of; “Find your balance”, “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”, and “Spread Love”. Clearly asking the viewer to reflect beyond just looking at fresh graffiti. Take a moment to get acquainted here with the work of Spanish graffiti artist FRESH.

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Images by graffiti artist FRESH