Mönchengladbach is a small city in Germany that plays host to many forms of art. Including graffiti. It is also the home of graffiti artist Hoker One, DHS crew. Since 2004, the then 13 year old started his way through the graffiti vortex with classic graffiti lettering styles. In this period in German graffiti, the rise of realistic imagery in graffiti increased and the realism roller coaster rolled on. Now with Hoker One in tow. After a ending a period of study and many hours behind the trigger end of a Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD can, Hoker turned his efforts to commercial artwork to pay the rent and make a living. Although one of his study disciplines was typography, his interests weren’t in the placement of text per sea, more so in the letters themselves. 2015/2016 saw Hoker steer away from his old style which he felt had stagnated and become boring for him. The previous 4 years of black book practice and preparation for commercial works had given Hoker the feeling that it was time for him to broaden his horizons with his art making tools. After all, the spray can is just a tool with a means to an end. Just like any other art making tool like a brush or a pencil. INTRODUCING GRAFFITI ARTIST HOKER ONE


Standing still is not an option

Thus began a new era for graffiti artist Hoker. One that embraced many facets of his creativity including his classic graffiti heritage, realism, calligraphy, illustration and an opened mindedness that meant from then on, anything was possible. The new found openness also encompassed a change from completely analogue drawing and design creation, to a broader approach that now also embraces digital sketching, rendering and conception. Thanks to some well chosen customers, the open door to Hoker’s creativity has also meant a more open door to his customer base. The result is painting on an international level and not just nationally. Who know’s maybe we’ll see him on the festival circuit at some stage too? Until then, sink your teeth into some diverse images here:


Images by the artist – Hoker One