It is not easy to forget a name that has the word LUNATIC in it. That is why when we first came across LEO LUNATIC, he stayed on our radar. Born in 1987 in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah, LEO has come a long way since his move to Istanbul and his introduction to his new best addiction in 1998, Graffiti. Taking his works to the streets, on walls, and trains, it didn’t take long for LEO to figure out that there was more in him in this creative game than he thought.

Getting crazy with his creativity

With a valid passport, a free spirit and a keen nose for adventure, the name LEO LUNATIC was soon all over the world. With a wide spectrum of approaches to his art, LEO still has graffiti at the base of his creation. Although no longer restricted to walls, his work has found its way on canvas, apparel, in small scale and large scale. He has produced figurative work, abstract work, and of course classic graffiti letters.

With a client list with names like Puma and Levi’s, the local Turkish community ‘gets’ his artwork as well. A representative of street style and a rebellious spirit, we are sure you will most likely remember the name LEO LUNATIC and imagine him with a Montana GOLD or BLACK can in hand after reading this article.

All images by the artist LEO LUNATIC