Max Solca is a Swedish graffiti artist residing in the city of Malmö. With a clever yet simple formula, he tries to keep his work as clear as possible to reach the largest popular audience. This within itself is clever and clear, reaching out way beyond just graffiti writers, urban artists or street artists. His work has a positive blend of humor mixed with observation and obsessive drawing. Every surface is a potential substrate whether it be steel, bricks or concrete. As well as what his work shows, just as important is where he places his work.

Keeping his message simple and clear

Always in public spaces, and always a balance between clear communication and clever placement. “The End” written at the end of a freight train. The word “Death”, depicted with rainbows and symbols of joy in an abandoned building. Or “the phrase “Stay Focused”, skillfully painted with a combination of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK, one-half of the letters in focus, the other blurred and out of focus. These are just some of the games Solca plays both with his imagery and his audience.

Playful to say the least, Max Solca is not only an artist to keep an eye on to see where his creative path will take him, but he is also someone to keep an eye on for his sense of humor. With a smile on our dial, we look forward to seeing what comes next. In the meantime, take a look here to see just some of the artworks Solca has created.

Images by the artist MAX SOLCA