ONCE upon a time in Spain. In a the Catalonian town of Vilafreser, there was an artist called ONCE. He liked to do things a little different to everyone else. He was influenced by classic graffiti, muralism, architecture and Russian propaganda images. Like a lot of graffiti writers, his work was originally classic letter based graffiti. But through the process of elimination, it didn’t take long before his style developed into something other then classic. Since 2005, ONCE has been a member of the Vatua l’olla Crew. With active members from Barcelona, Menorca, Montpellier and Italy there was plenty of ingredients for his creative mixing pot. This international flavour has contributed to ONCE’s path of breaking down letters to the point of abstraction. However if you ask the artist himself, he will probably deny that his work is pure abstraction. He himself assures that letters are always present. INTRODUCING GRAFFITI ARTIST ONCE 2000NCE

In a world where more is often just that…more. You never quite know if it is all necessary. With ONCE’s work, he has trimmed of the fat and left you with only the necessary. Enjoy.

All images by the artist – 2000NCE


About the artist

ONCE was born in Vilafreser (Catalonia). He studied a baccalaureate of letters and some cycles of ephemeral architecture and mural arts. He has always written letters and, a few years ago, began to break them down and simplify them until he reached his current style, the fruit of his evolution. He continues to be interested in classic graffiti as well as in contemporary muralism, but also in the propaganda of the Russian revolution, the Bauhaus and many other things. It belongs to the Vatua l’olla Crew, active since 2005 and composed of members from different places such as Barcelona, Menorca, Montpellier or Italy. Regarding his style, he declares “I would not say that it is abstract since I continue to see letters, although for the general public they are only geometric shapes and can make people think in abstraction.” In search of a unique harmony, ONCE seeks places and scenes where to create a unique and impactful language through straight and rounded shapes that reflect a very defined identity of his work.