Is it possible to hide a complete phrase within what appears to be one word? If your London artist PREF, then the answer is yes. Trained at Chelsea Collage of Art and with over 20 years of graffiti experience, PREF has been morphing, merging and layering letters into a signature style that he is now world renowned for. PREF’s work has been making viewers re-discover everyday words and phrases in public spaces. INTRODUCING GRAFFITI ARTIST PREF


Camouflaging typography


Phrases like, “Go All The Way“, “Inner Demon” or “Fun in the Sun” are not only cleverly painted, they are also super aesthetic, allowing the artwork to cross many cultural boundaries that classic graffiti may not be able to do. With a bit of assistance from Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans the results are amazing.

As a long term member of the ID crew, PREF has been an internationally praised artist for quite a while now. If you haven’t had a chance to see his work for yourself, check it out here.

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