Berlin is a spawning ground for creative talent. Whether it be off the streets, or on. In graffiti, there are many things to master to be a great writer, and even with a lot of practice, it is not always a given that you will become good, or even great. Every now and again there are artists that seem to have the “Midas touch”, turning everything creative that they approach, into gold. RAWS from Berlin is one of these. Since 2004, RAWS has been perfecting his skills. Regardless of if it is a simple piece, a complicated wild style or a contemporary graffiti inspired abstraction. He has a firm grip on everything he does. INTRODUCING GRAFFITI ARTIST RAWS

Representing the SBB and OFF crews, RAWS is not restricted to one place. With travels as far as Asia, his artwork is now scattered all over the globe. Meaning the Berlin creative seed is happily spilling into the realties of writers worldwide. Not only online, but in the flesh.

Hombre & Raws in Jakarta

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