Being called a creating machine may seem a little too much. But in the case of THE CAVER, it seems fitting. Born in Portugal, residing in the city of Porto, CAVER has his hands full as his mind doesn’t seem to take a break. If he is not practicing his favorite hobby of graffiti, then you may find him up a ladder or on a scissor lift creating a large format mural somewhere on the globe.


Introducing Graffiti artist THE CAVER – The Portuguese creating machine

And when his passport is firmly locked away in its secret hiding place, that probably means he is at home in Portugal running his tattoo studio, designing a new corporate identity for a major brand, illustrating a new design for his clothing label, or putting the visuals together for a new graphic campaign. His favorite time is the night, and his interest in the stars and the moon seem to fit perfectly with his graffiti hobby. If there is any time left. Known as Nuno Barbedo to his mum and dad, the thirty-seven-year-old CAVER has been painting with cans since he was fifteen. Which is why they are not only his go-to tool for creating, but also identify with the images he creates. Particularly his trademark classic fat black outlines.

CAVER is not restricted by a substrate and it shows in his wide array of 2D and 3D work. His fun with sculpture, canvas, or murals seems to be as equally fulfilling for this creating machine. Take a look here to familiarize yourself with his work!

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