There are many cliché writers in the graffiti world that fulfill the stereotypes of the graffiti rule book. As well as many graffiti characters that you could consider as ‘other’. Where American graffiti artist TWIGS fits into this idea, is still a mystery. This quiet achiever from a small town in Washington first put his pointer finger on the nozzle of a spray can in 1999. But it wasn’t till 2001-2002, that he did any pieces that he would now still show you photos of. Now residing in the Bay Area of California, TWIGS describes his outlook on graffiti as serious, but not obsessed. Having seen many heavy-hitting artists come and go in an area with so much talent has enabled him to sit back and contemplate what sort of graffiti artist he wanted to be. The conclusion was that he wanted to be one of those writers that still has fun, spends quality time with like-minded friends, and has a long term hobby that allows him to sneak out during lockdown while others at home watching TV.

Still chasing the dragon

He isn’t alone in having these ideas. At least not if you look at the two crews he represents who are equally motivated to have graffiti as a substantial part of their lives, but not the only part. To this day the crews (SBS Sabbath Bloody Sabbath), (TGE The Great Escape) and the one that came later (YME Year-round Metal Enjoyment) are still the nine letters he likes doing most other than his own tag.

This well-traveled writer found his love for graffiti in the late 90s. Not because his neighborhood was full of tags, throw up’s and pieces, but because his other love of Hip Hop had him buying THE SOURCE magazine that always featured quality style writing on the back pages. His letter styles are documentation of him still chasing the dragon. A search for the essence of those letters and those monumental pieces that he first saw printed on those pages in the back of that magazine. Albeit a modernized version with a unique TWIGS touch.

These days you can catch him on the trigger end of a Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD can, capturing a traditional American graffiti style that has all the rounding of a writer that knows what’s going on outside his homelands as well. Take a journey and chase the dragon with us here.

Images by the artist TWIGS