Graffiti, street art, muralism, urban art or graffiti fine art. What ever you want to call it, you are probably well aware of it if you are a Montana Cans enthusiast. But what if your located in a part of the world that doesn’t have can shops in every major city, your not constantly touching base or going to events with your peers and heroes. And everything you love seemed so close via the internet, yet so far on the street. This is something that Nairobi artist WISETWO, can relate to.

Living in Kenya means not having a regular graffiti jam running the last 15 years and not growing up with colors on trains to light your creative spark as a child. Since 2009 WISETWO has been lighting his own fire, fuelling his own passion and travelling the globe making waves with the best of them.

A pioneer in modern times

Whether it be giant abandoned cinemas, house fronts or canvases, WISETWO has a unique approach to his art that manages to merge the many elements that make him (and his art), what it is. Impressive patterns and symmetrical compositions are bathed in color and movement. African culture and graffiti culture meet with splashes of latino iconography. His technical skills would make you think he has had spray cans in his hands for a lot longer then just 10 years! Which is why with a can of Montana GOLD or Montana BLACK in hand, his work is even more dynamic and inspiring. Feast your eyes here on the work of WISETWO. One of Kenya’s rising stars of public art.

Images by the artist WiseTwo